Vick & The Velvicks


Some of the most original rock tunes to hit the scene since perhaps Ozomatli or R.E.M.
- NuvoTv Los Angeles-

Winter of 2017. After bouncing back from personal troubles, Vick Nader (vocals) broke a 2 years live performance hiatus teaming up with an old music companion/former band mate Ed Marson (drums) and Berkeley graduates Vinny Da Silva (guitar) and Apoena Frota Jones (bass) to have fun and jam out some rock tunes at private parties they threw at "The Monroe Mansion" in Brooklyn, NY. The parties started getting bigger and bigger so they had to relocate it to local music venues. 

It wasn’t until a few months later, in August 2017 that The Velvicks finally officially debuted live at Irving Plaza. Since then, they have been refreshing the rock scene in NYC, delivering an all original "stadium rock" experience to intimate and well known venues like Rough Trade, Union Pool and Gramercy Theater without having any music released yet. 

With influences from Pink Floyd, QOTSA, The Black Keys and Radiohead, yet a sound and vision completely singular, the general feedback so far has been nothing but inspirational and 100% positive. 

“Songs are making sense, the band is delivering badass live performances and people are responding to it.” said Vick. 

The band is less than 1 year old and it's currently mixing their first EP “Red Head” to be released soon. Check out their calendar for upcoming dates and experience them live. The Velvicks are still known for their "energetic" after parties.

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 Photo by: Mark Vom Holden

Photo by: Mark Vom Holden